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First time ever contacting a model/pornstar?

Please be sure to do some homework on how you should approach someone like myself and check out my "Etiquette" page as well as my "Cancellations" policy.



My "In Person" bookings range from $300-$1400+ depending on whether or not you would like a more private meeting, if you are on the more adventurous side and would like to star in a XXX movie with me for my website, a couple looking to spice things up, wanting to fly me to you, interested in doubling up with Mia and I or have an extended booking in mind.

Please click the RATES button below and fill out a simple contact form in order to become a free member and see more details on my rates.



EVERY new client must go through the same screening process regardless of gender, race, physical appearance or whatever else you may think earns you special treatment.

I do not care if you are a "fit, white, business man" or not.

Please, be sure to have done a little research on me and know what you are looking for and when.

Please send me an approximate day and time range you are looking for

("I am available Mondays between 3-4PM"


"Weekends after 6")

as well as if you are looking for an incall or outcall.

This also applies to couples!

Every party involved MUST be screened the same way!


No more allowing complete strangers to meet me under compromising circumstances without having the same information many business' require as well. I myself have to prove my age/identity for EVERY reputable platform/add site you find me on. P411 member or not.

First step after you choose an option below is to text/email a pic of your

Government ID/Passport

as well as a

selfie of you holding your ID and note next to your face.

**Please click the pink underlined words above for example as well as place to upload.



Verification site member-

If you aren't already, you may want to choose to become a member of some of these reputable screening services as they are invaluable for both providers as well as clients. Being a member of a verification site makes everyone feel safe as well as making it far easier for both parties to set up a date quickly to get past the awkward stages of screening.


***Not a member of P411?

Book a double with both Mia Rae and I to get your 2 provider references needed to sign up!***




I should be receiving at least 4 pics from you to prove your current employment/disability status.

(I may ask for an additional selfie to prove the info is really you and not someone using your info or you trying to be someone else)

(**All of the following are required**)

**Picture of your gov. ID

**Picture of you holding your gov. ID near your face (only your name, face, city/state and DOB need to be visible on ID)

**Company name

**Your position/title


**Along with your choice of two or more of the following supporting documents:


-Picture of work ID badge.

-Business Card

-Workers Comp Cert.


-Paycheck stub with a recent date, your name and the company (I don’t need to see sensitive information).

-The company website with your photo/bio on it.

-Your company phone number (Must be a listed company phone number you are linked to and can be reached at).

-Your direct line (Must be listed and linked to your company).

-Tax Forms

-Military Documents




I am no longer accepting references as main verification. It's great supporting information, but will no longer be accepted as a sole form of verification.

2-3 REPUTABLE AND ESTABLISHED providers/models you have seen in the past. They must have active adds posted on a verified provider website like P411, Eros, or Slixa (not a lower end site that doesn't require ID or photo verification to sign up).

Please send THEIR:


*Personal Website

*Links to adds

*Email address

*Where you found them

*How you contacted them

*A way that they may remember you

As well as any other information you think might be helpful.


Please send YOUR:

ID Picture

Selfie Authentication Picture

Cell phone number

Email address



Now that you have sent me all of your screening information as well as approximate day and time, I can verify what you have sent and get back with you on when I can schedule something during the days and times provided.

I am usually pretty quick at responding, but sometimes life happens so please allow me a couple of days and try to plan ahead!

If you are messaging me after 9 pm trying to set up a last-minute appointment, don't expect to hear back from me that night. More than likely I am already settled in for the night and not trying to scramble to screen someone.

Have some fun while you wait and subscribe to

Lucy Land XXX!

100+ XXX videos and 800+ XXX Pics!

Only $12/mo!

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